DownTown Ads

DownTown Ads is a great way to make thousands of impressions every day. Ad sales are a direct source of funding for our DownTownDD Bar Shuttle Service which transports hundreds of people a week, and has reduced the local DWI arrest rate. Indoor ad audiences are extremely captive and mostly welcome our ads a nice distraction.  Tabletop ads serve as entertainment for guests waiting for their food. Become an ad sponsor and your ads will impact your audience and your sponsorship will impact our community.
Ad Locations:


Shay’s Lounge

KB’s Bar & Grill

The Wooden Nickel

American Legion

Brau Brothers Brewery

The Gambler


The Hitching Post

Varsity Pub



3 Available Packages

Pack 1:

300 Tents, 50 Indoor Posters 1 Web Ad Box Spot

Pack 2:
Tents & Posters + Free QR Code 2 Web Ad Box Spot 

Pack 3:
Tents, Posters, QR Code, Newsletter Ad Box, 3 Web Ad Box Spot